Summer Sports


B: Hi, Alice. What have you been doing? You look tired.
G: I stayed up late last night to watch the Olympics. We won a gold medal for men’s basketball. We also won the silver medal for women’s tennis.
B: That’s great! What about gymnastics?
G: The men’s team didn’t do so well. But the women’s team won the silver medal.
B: I haven’t had much time to watch, but I saw the opening ceremony.
G: What have you been doing this summer?
B: I’ve been playing baseball and taking swimming lessons.
G: I like to watch baseball. Maybe I can come and watch your team play some time. When do you usually play?
B: We have a game this weekend. Why don’t you come and watch us play in the park?
G: Sure! Just let me know what time the game starts. See you later.
B: Bye!


  • ceremony /ˈserəˌmoʊni/: lễ
    • opening ceremony: lễ khai mạc

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