A Picnic by the River


W: This is a good spot. Let’s stop and have our picnic next to the river.

M: Good idea. Walking always makes me hungry. I’m ready for lunch.

W: We can sit here on the grass. Oh no! Someone forgot to throw these empty paper bags away. There is litter everywhere!

M: Why do people always leave litter around? It’s not a nice thing to do. It spoils other people’s picnics.

W: I think they are lazy. Or maybe they just don’t care. Look, there are some empty cans and glass bottles under that tree, too.

M: People should clean up before they leave, and not leave litter lying around.

W: That’s right. Well, after our picnic, let’s pick up all the litter we can and take it out of here.

M: OK! And next week, let’s come back with friends and pick up some more.

W: Good idea!


  • spot /spɑt/: a particular place
  • next to: beside or very near to someone or something with no other person or thing between
  • ready for something: feeling that you must have or must do something
  • paper bag: a container made of paper
  • litter /ˈlɪtər/: things such as pieces of paper that people have dropped on the ground in a public place, making it messy
  • leave litter:
  • spoil /spɔɪl/: to affect something in a way that makes it worse, less attractive or less enjoyable
  • clean up: to make a place completely clean and neat
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