Gold has been a part of many cultures for hundreds of years. People made coins and jewelry with gold.

Gold is a soft metal. It is easy to shape into sheets, long wires, or rings. People sometimes mix gold with other metals. This makes the gold harder. Then it can be made into beautiful jewelry.

Why do we value gold so much? It has a special color. No other metal is a bright yellow. We also value gold because it is rare. A rare thing is hard to find. Even after hundreds of years, gold is still a precious metal now. It is still valued for its beauty. It is still rare.

Today, banks store gold in the form of bars. Its value is more than $600 per ounce. Gold is more useful now than ever before.


  • culture /ˈkʌltʃər/: văn hoá
  • jewelry /ˈdʒuəlri/: đồ trang sức
  • soft metal /sɔft ˈmet(ə)l/: kim loại mềm
  • shape /ʃeɪp/: nắn, tạo hình
  • sheet /ʃit/: miếng (mỏng)
  • wire /waɪr/: sợi, dây
  • value /ˈvælju/: giá trị
  • rare /rer/: hiếm (khó tìm)
  • precious /ˈpreʃəs/: quí (có giá trị cao)
  • ounce /aʊns/: đơn vị đo lường
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