He’s famous


B: Are you going to the new Tim Cross movie tonight?

G: I don’t know. It looks kind of boring.

B: Really? I think it looks quite interesting. Besides, Tim Cross is a famous actor.

G: He may be famous, but I don’t think he’s a very good actor. He always acts in the same sort of movie. He never does anything different.

B: Well, at least you think he’s good looking, right?

G: No, not really. He always looks so sleepy.

B: But most girls think he’s handsome. Maybe that’s why he is so famous.

G: None of my friends think he is good looking at all. I used to like him a few years ago, but now I think he’s not handsome at all.

B: Hey! I just got a haircut to try to look more like him!

G: Well, that explains why I don’t like your new haircut!


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