Let’s Recycle!


M: Hi, Jane! Have you heard about the new laws to help people recycle?

W: I heard about them on the news last night. I don’t think I like them.

M: The government wants to keep the environment clean by recycling paper, metal, and glass instead of throwing these things away.

W: But who wants to pay an extra 50 cents each time you buy a cup of coffee? That’s a lot of money!

M: 50 cents? It’s only five cents extra for a paper cup.

W: I thought it was 50 cents!

M: No, it’s only five cents. Don’t worry. And you can get your money back when you return the cup.

W: That’s fair. Well, maybe the government is right, after all. I’ll return all the paper coffee cups I use from now on.

M: Good! We all need to recycle. It helps to keep the environment clean.


  • Have you heard about
  • environment
  • to keep the environment clean
  • to pay an extra
  • only five cents extra
  • each time
  • Paper cup
  • after all
  • from now on

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