Making music


Do you like to listen to music? Music is made up of sound. People all over the world like music. People have liked it for hundreds of years.

People who write music are called composers. Most of the time, a composer does not sing or play his own music. He writes it all down in the form of notes. Those who know how to read music can understand these notes. This is how people can sing the song or play it.

Lots of people like to play music. Music can be played on instruments. There are many types of musical instruments. Some of these are the piano, the violin, and the drum.

People can make music as a group. A choir is a group of people who sing. An orchestra is a group of people who play musical instruments.


  • composer /kəmˈpoʊzər/: nhạc sỹ
  • instrument /ˈɪnstrəmənt/: dụng cụ
  • musical instrument: nhạc cụ
  • choir /kwaɪr/: dàn đồng ca
  • orchestra /ˈɔrkəstrə/: bang nhạc

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