After school activities


B: Will you play any sports this school year?

G: I want to play hockey. But I’m not sure if I will have enough time.

B: I’m on the school soccer team. I’m also going to take up swimming.

G: You’re going to be on the soccer team and swim, too?

B: Yeah.

G: That seems like a lot. You will be very busy! Do you think you will have any free time?

B: I will play soccer with my school team during the week. I will go swimming during the weekend.

G: When will you have time to do your homework? And when will you study?

B: I do my homework after school every day. I study every weekend. My mother won’t let me play sports until I have done all my work.

G: Well, I hope you find enough time for both schoolwork and sports. Good luck!


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