The lesson


There was once a man who lived with his two sons. The two sons were always fighting with each other. One day, the man decided to teach his sons a lesson.

The man gave his younger son two large sticks. He told the boy to break them. The boy tried hard, but he could not break the sticks. The older son also could not break the sticks.

At last, the man gave only one stick to each son. He said, “Break them.” Each son broke his stick easily.

The man said, “You are like these sticks. If you work together, no one can break you. But if you fight with each other all the time, one day, someone will break both of you.”

After that lesson, the sons stopped fighting. They started to work together.


  • decide /dɪˈsaɪd/: quyết định
  • stick /stɪk/: que, gậy
  • break /breɪk/: bẻ
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