a problem at the office


M: I had a big problem at the office today!

W: What happened?

M: I could not use my computer all day!

W: Was it because of a virus?

M: Yes. I opened a file that had a virus.

W: Oh no! You must be careful when you open files in your email. A virus can make your whole computer crash.

M: It was an accident! I didn’t know the file had a virus. I’ll be more careful next time.

W: What did you do next?

M: I asked a computer repairman to come to the office. He worked all day to repair my computer. But the real problem is that I may have lost some of my work.

W: Don’t worry. Your work is probably still on your computer. I can help you get it back. Next time, make sure you have back-up files. Just in case it happens again!


  • crash /kræʃ/: if a computer or computer program crashes, it suddenly stops working
  • repairman /rɪˈperˌmæn/: a man whose job is to fix things that are damaged or broken
  • probably /ˈprɑbəbli/: used for saying that you think something is likely
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