The marathon


W: Did you watch the Boston marathon?
M: Yes, I went to Boston to see it.
W: You were in Boston for the marathon?
M: That’s right. My friend is a runner, so I went there to watch her run. We traveled to Boston together.
W: You are so lucky! Which part of the marathon did you see?
M: I watched the entire race, from start to finish.
W: I don’t know how the runners can finish the whole race! It’s so long and difficult! I could never do something like that.
M: I tried to run a marathon once. It was really difficult. I just can’t run like my friend can.
W: Yes, running a marathon is not an easy thing to do. By the way, how did your friend do in the race?
M: She did quite well! She was not the fastest runner, but she was in the top 50.


  • marathon /ˈmerəˌθɑn/: cuộc chạy đua (đường dài)
  • entire /ɪnˈtaɪr/: toàn bộ
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