The olympics

I. Bài Đọc

W: The Olympic Games are a famous world sports event. These games are held once in four years. There are summer games and winter games.
People come from countries all over the world to compete in the games. These games started a long time ago in Greece. In those days, only men took part in them. There were only a few sports events.
Now, women take part in the Olympic Games, too. There are team sports, like basketball. There are martial arts, like judo. More and more types of sports are in the games each time they are held.
It is very hard to win a medal at these games. Only world champions take part in the Olympics. Those who compete must work hard for years. Their bodies must be very fit. They must be the best to win medals in these games.

II. Từ Vựng

  • olympic /əˈlɪmpɪk/: thế vận hội
  • compete /kəmˈpit/: tranh tài,
  • martial /ˈmɑrʃ(ə)l/: võ thuật
  • martial art: võ thuật truyền thống Châu Á như Judo, Karate hay Kungfu
  • medal /ˈmed(ə)l/: huy chương
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