Driving down south

I. Bài Đọc

B: Isn’t it great that there aren’t any classes on Monday? We have a three-day weekend!
G: That’s right! Do you have any special plans?
B: My family is taking a trip to Las Cruces. I’m really looking forward to it. Have you ever been there?
G: No, but I’ve heard about it. Is it nice?
B: Yes, there are so many things to see. The city is famous for its nuts.
G: What kind of nuts?
B: Pecans. There are many pecan trees growing in and around the city.
G: I like pecans. How far away is Las Cruces from here?
B: It only takes about four hours by car if you use the freeway and drive directly south.
G: That certainly makes for an easy trip. When are you leaving?
B: We’re going on Saturday morning. We’ll be back on Monday evening.
G: Have a nice time! Bring me some pecans!

II. Từ Vựng

  • nut /nʌt/: hạt ngũ cốc (các loại hạt dùng để ăn vặt)
  • pecan /pɪˈkɑn/: hạt hồ đào
  • freeway /ˈfriˌweɪ/: đường cao tốc (không bị cắt ngang bởi các ngã tư như hightway)
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