Bird watching


B: I want to go bird watching tomorrow. Do you know a good area for birds?

G: There is a quiet park near here. There are always many beautiful birds there.

B: Will I be able to see different types of birds in this area?

G: Yes, I think so. If you use binoculars, you can see the birds, even if they are far away.

B: Great! I have a book about all the different types of birds.

G: It seems as if you really like bird watching.

B: Yes, I do! Would you like to come with me tomorrow?

G: No, thank you. I think bird watching is boring.

B: That’s not true! Birds are very interesting. Some birds have colorful feathers. Some birds sing beautiful songs. Some birds make special nests to lay eggs in.

G: Really? Maybe I will go bird watching one day after all!


  • binoculars /bɪˈnɑkjələrz/: a piece of equipment with two parts that you hold against your eyes and look through to see distant objects more clearly
  • different types of birds: các loài chim khác nhau
  • feather /ˈfeðər/: one of the narrow tubes with thin soft hairs on each side that cover a bird’s body
  • colorful /ˈkʌlərf(ə)l/: something that is colorful has bright colors or a lot of different colors
  • colorful feathers: bộ lông sặc sỡ
  • to lay eggs: đẻ trứng
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