Once upon a time, there lived a crow in a forest close to a town. This crow had been travelling for a long time and, therefore, was extremely thirsty. He looked around for drinking water, but wasn’t able to find any.

The crow began feeling very weak without drinking water. However, he continued to search for water. He flew all around the jungle and the nearby town.

When the crow was travelling over the town, he saw a house. He thought, ‘I am sure there will be some drinking water over here.

He saw some drinking water inside the pot. He became very, very happy. But, the crow’s beak could not touch the water, as the level of the water was really low.

The crow thought for a while, and an idea arose to him. He thought, “If I throw pebbles in the pot, the level of the water will go up. Then, I will be capable of drink the water easily”.

Thinking this, the crow searched around. He saw some small pebbles lying on the floor nearby. He flew to the pebbles and picked up one stone in his beak.

He returned to the pot and dropped the stone inside. The level of the water rose a little, however the crow’s beak could not reach the water.

The crow travelled back to the pebbles and picked up some more stone. Then, he travelled to the pot and dropped that stone in the pot. The level of the water rose even more.

He tried to drink the water, but could hardly. He felt very weak, but still, he went on and did not give up hope.

For more than an hour, the crow picked up small pebbles and put them in the pot.

The amount of water increased gradually. After a lot of effort, the level of the water increased to the rim of the pot.

The crow was very happy. He dipped his beak in the drinking water and began drinking the water. He drank and drank right up until he could drink no more.

Then, he invited other thirsty birds to come and drink the water. Lots of thirsty birds came and drank the water. Then, they thanked the clever crow and left.

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