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Unit 7: Cell Phone Messages

Cell phone messages I. DIALOGUES W: I need to check my messages. M: How are you going to do that? We are in the middle of the freeway! W: I’m

Unit 6: An Easy Way to Shop

An easy way to shop I. DIALOGUES G: Hey, Steve. Look at my new MP3 player! B: Wow! It looks cool! Where did you buy it? G: I bought it

Unit 5: Trees in the Forest

Trees in the forest I. DIALOGUES There are many forests in North America. There are many trees in these forests. Some of these trees are more than two hundred feet

Unit 4: Bird Watching

Bird watching I. DIALOGUES B: I want to go bird watching tomorrow. Do you know a good area for birds? G: There is a quiet park near here. There are

Unit 3: Growing Roses

Growing roses I. DIALOGUES M: Excuse me, ma’am. I have a problem with my rose bush. It used to produce a lot of pink roses. But now it doesn’t produce

Unit 2: Let’s Recycle!

Let’s Recycle! I. DIALOGUES M: Hi, Jane! Have you heard about the new laws to help people recycle? W: I heard about them on the news last night. I don’t