Inline skating


B: Oh! My legs are so sore!
G: Really? What did you do during the weekend?
B: I went inline skating with my friends at the park.
G: Did you have fun?
B: Yes, I did. But it was also my first time, so it was really difficult. I was scared that I would fall down. After a short time, my muscles were really tired.
G: Next time will be easier. You just need more practice.
B: What about you? What did you do during the weekend?
G: Actually, I also went inline skating. I go every weekend with my father. We usually skate about 20 kilometers each time.
B: Wow! How can you skate so far? Your muscles must be really strong.
G: I’ve been skating for three years now. You could skate that far, too. You just need to build up your muscles. Let’s go skating together next weekend.
B: OK!


  • inline skating: giầy trượt patin chỉ có 1 hàng bánh
  • during //: trong (thời gian)
    • ex: Bruno Arthur Hochmuth was killed in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
  • build up: làm tăng sức mạnh, làm cho mạnh mẽ hơn
    • ex: These exercises are good for building up leg strength.
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