A New Camera


M: I just bought a digital camera!

W: What is wrong with your old camera?

M: Nothing. I bought this one because I want to store my pictures on my computer.

W: I see.

M: I can also delete pictures that are not very good. I don’t have to print them.

W: I like to print all my photos. That’s why I like the old cameras.

M: Oh, you can print digital photos, too. Many shops will print them for you.

W: Really?

M: Yes. You can even buy a good printer and do it from home.

W: That seems easy! How do you store these digital pictures?

M: You can store the pictures on your computer. But you might run out of space. I save all the pictures I like on compact discs. You can store more than seven hundred photos on one CD!

W: Great! Maybe I should get a digital camera, too.


  • digital camera /ˈdɪdʒɪt(ə)l ˈkæm(ə)rə/: máy ảnh kỷ thuật số
  • delete /dɪˈlit/: xoá
  • store /stɔr/: lưu trữ
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