Grandfather’s birthday


B: Hi, Mom! Guess what? We got our English test back today. I got the highest score in my class!

W: Oh, Billy, I’m glad you did so well! You worked hard for that test.

B: Thanks, Mom. I’m hungry. What’s for dinner?

W: We’re going to your aunt’s place for dinner tonight. It’s your grandfather’s birthday today, remember?

B: Oh no, I forgot! I haven’t got a birthday gift for Grandpa!

W: Don’t worry. I bought a gift for him yesterday from the three of us. Anyway, your English test score is a good gift for your grandfather. The whole family will be at the party tonight. All your aunts, uncles, and cousins are coming.

B: I haven’t seen the whole family in a long time.

W: Well, you’ll see them tonight. Now, hurry up and get ready.

B: OK. When are we leaving?

W: When your father gets home from work.


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